City clouds offers over 50 advanced service modules that meet the essential needs of your city.We add new features every month in order to ensure an optimal cover of interactives services.


City Clouds offers multiple settings options, the widest choice of user interfaces and the most advanced ergonomy.


City Clouds offers modules that ensure mobile services. For example alerts, forms, surveys, maps… From the selection of modules, their configuration and their operation in live conditions, City Clouds offers an unrivaled flexibility.

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Push notification alerts allow you to inform instantly all citizens, or a group of your choice. Your can send those notifications at every moment with total autonomy.


Conduct surveys in order to collect your citizen’s opinion about your town’s initiaves and choices.
Combining survey with alerts, you can collect hundreds of notices within a few hours. You can support your decisions on factual and participatory basis.


Your citizen’s smartphones are powerful receptive systems. Offer them total interactivity
with their environment. Your technical teams are not left behind: they benefit from the advanced tools to enhance operations, maintenance and connect with unlimited objects and sensors in the city

Citizens already served by City Clouds Mobile Apps:

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Auto Sync feature

Your Citizens just went MOBILE

In 2013, over 1 billion people purchased a smartphone. A majority of smartphone owners would rather go barefoot for a week then be deprived from their mobile phone. You cannot ignore this revolution of instant communication with all your citizens. It’s time for you to lead your city into the digital era

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Free cloud storage

Claim your Mobile CLOUD

Your Mobile Cloud is your platform to secure your data, share information, and distribute services to all stakeholders in the City. Enable communication in-between the city administration, city services, businesses citizens and even objects for improved and real time information delivery. Claim your Mobile Cloud and start delivering value in the city today !

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Real time Analytics

Pave the way to a SMARTER City

Take full control over your City Cloud in a secured environment. Invite public and private parties to join forces to deliver better services, improve citizens’ quality of life, and create economic growth. Our Open Data approach lets you free to leverage your Digital Equity with any other party at any time. Start building today

People Behind City-Cloud

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in cloud, digital and mobile in the city. Ask us your questions

Paul Sitbon
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Paul Sitbon

VP Consulting

Paul is the former head of Information Systems Convergence & Web Strategy for the Veolia Environnement Group – worldwide leader in City Services, a former McKinsey&Company consultant

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Technical Director

A Database and Clouds Guru, Marc builds on 10 years as project director on global IT projects for the Veolia Environnement Group and drives our multinational team of expert developers in web and mobile

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With 10 years management in Travel and Hostelling industries as well as exposure to European and North American markets, Stephanie provides unique insights into our major clients’ markets

  • The opportunities to make the city more efficient are limitless. By starting our cloud, we are getting a taste of what is working and what is not, and gaining a better understanding of the expectations of our citizens and local businesses. It's just the beginning and a great and simple way to get started


Choose our free plan to experiment your Smart City. Select the features you want to explore and we will create your tailor made apps for you to experiment for 6 months for free. No hassle. Like it ? Our exceptional plans will let you join the outstanding group of Smart Cities which partner with us.

Totally Free Trial

Totally Free Trial

Completely Free

  • Try our app for unlimited period of time with few limitations.
    No Credit Card required
    and no lengthy terms and conditions to deal with.

People < 2000

People < 2000


  • Fully Functional
  • Ad Free
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Auto Sync

Up to 100,000 people

Up to 100,000 people


  • Fully Functional
  • Ad Free
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Auto Sync


How much time does it take to start the free trial ?

First we will contact you for a one hour call to perfectly understand your requirements. Within two days you will receive proposed designs. Once you approve your designs, you will receive a prototype of your apps within two days. Once you approve them, you will be live the next day.

How do I get upgrades or specific developments completed ?

By joining City-Cloud, you will benefit from all our technology upgrades. We prioritize the most common requirements so that our new developments find applications in the largest proportion of our clients. We also create tailor-designed features for some clients. This goes with dedicating a team to build the specific services you are looking into. Best is to ask us what you need, we will find the most competitive way to get it to you

How big is your support team?

We rely on a team of over 30 experts to make sure we will support you as fast as possible and gurantee perfect service. From developers, designers, marketing experts and smart city consultants… Name it we have it. By joining City-Cloud, you will have permanent access to our team of experts

What is the duration of our commitment ?

Our technologies are the most advanced in city services you can find. Therefore our contracts come with a permanent no fee exit option. You can leave at any time, we will transfer your apps ownership to the editor of your choice. We will even welcome you when you come back

Check out some of our Apps

We specialize in Mobile App design and development for cities and regions. Download some examples below


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